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Shipping and delivery

What to expect when ordering from us

Once you have selected the items you wish to purchase simply enter your postage information. It is crucial to include any detail for the postman or driver to ensure that there are no issues when they are delivering your package. This could encompass thing like requesting to have your freight left on your porch. Once you have entered all your particulars and paid, we will process and then dispatch it directly to your house.

How long does it take?

After receiving the payment, the order will be shipped within 24 - 72 hours. Typically, regular or standard shipping time can take betwixt 7 to 21 working days after sending the order. Express Shipping takes from 5 to 7 days after sending the order. We will fulfill in conformity with the choice you selected during ordering. Any shipping timeframes we quote are just indicative. In situations where the order has not been delivered within expected days it is quite possible that there is a problem with the address of the destination. A customer should contact the distribution service to find out the reason.

We make all efforts to send your shipments within the estimated dispatch timelines, however, delays are occasionally unavoidable due to unpredicted factors. We are under no liability for any delay or failure to provide cargo within estimated schedules caused by occurrences outside our reasonable control. However, inline with the guidelines, every order is fulfilled within a maximum of 30 days.

Yes, you absolutely can track your order. You can locate it here: A customer will receive the tracking numbers in the email which confirms that the order has been sent. The localization figure will be activated within 24/48 hours after acceptance of the above mentioned mail which will allow you to check the position and station. For any cooperation or support regarding this feature get in touch.

What happens if my package is damaged?

Please note that while there are disadvantageous weather atmospheres any requests you place might be deferred. Furthermore, the packaging may also be damaged. If the product is damaged customers should communicate via email. If imaginable, please submit or attach a photo or video of damaged chattels. In case of visible serious damages to the product, may send the same product for free.

Shipment Costs

Postages and parcel costs will be summated to the cost and will depend on the total cost of the pieces you order and, where consignment options are submitted, the option you select. The postage and packing charge you will pay will be displayed on the display before you substantiate your ordering to us. Where manifold elements are included in one, we may dispatch the components separately, in which case, you will only be charged one fee.

Free Shipping is only obtainable if the price of the total is equal or exceeds the equivalent of 160 GBP. If you would like to receive free shipping we suggest you browse all our dissimilar commodities to see if there is anything else you might need. Furthermore, if you know you will require merchandise down the line, it may be worth stockpiling more in the short term. Both of these strategies will help you raise your basket value and be able to benefit from free dispatch.

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