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The Purchase of Viagra, Kamagra Tablets or Oral Jelly Over the Counter Online in the UK.


The general growth of stores online in this age is fast alarming increasingly as everyone is just making use of the advancement in technology to gain popularity online as people now prefer to purchase goods and services online as they now see it as fast, safe and secure and almost stress free owing to the fact that you necessarily don’t have to queue or get yourself messed up in the street hustling and bustling when you can always get package delivered to you at any time, in any place and at your own convenience and this is a major trend all over the world.

In Great Britain and the United Kingdom as at now, it should be clearly noted that online pharmacy stores are alarmingly increasing daily, almost getting impossible to curb it although some bodies have been put in place to be in charge of regulating the number of pharmacy stores present online, this cannot however still be fully trusted as some of them can smartly and in cunning ways bypass the bodies and their rules and still get active in the market, acting like certified online pharmacies. They are usually involved in doing strange things such as selling of fake or outdated drugs which when absorbed by the body gives very detrimental and deleterious effect which can lead to the death of the individual if lexical attention is not quickly consulted.


In the United Kingdom of today, it should be adequately noted that online pharmacy is gaining grounds currently, and becoming more well-known among citizens of the UK. For those who are quite unable to move around due to an unfit physical state, an online pharmacy would be their best bet. Aside the fact that it yelps those who are unfit to move physically, it is also pretty useful for everyone to just get any medication they went at anytime and at their own convenience meaning right there in your room, all you have to do is go online and place your order and it’s get delivered to you. A lot of pharmacy stores do home or door-to-door delivery so as to entice customers.

It is however not very safe to purchase medications online, that is, the safety is far from being guaranteed. The reasons are not farfetched, one of it is because the prescriptions might not be correctly given or prescribed because online pharmacy stores, although certified, does not have to be created or owned by a licensed individual. So, it is pretty advisable to get a right prescription from the medic and before one orders online so he doesn’t get lost in ignorance and thus hurt himself in the process.

Also, the issue with licensing and approval of online pharmacy stores is still particularly major because there are lots of fake online pharmacies online at the moment as it is pretty easy to open one as long as you are buoyant enough and you can supply the medications on request. Any individual who must buy pills online must make enquires and have good knowledge of licensed pharmacy stores before he goes to purchase them.

It is also necessary to understand the way your personal information are being placed online simply because you don’t know who can change at anytime as no one is rigid and when personal information are too much divulged, it is usually very risky and dangerous.


One of the main issues with men of this generation particularly in the UK is the inability to function properly while having sex with their partners owing to the fact that they were unable to get their penis erected and enjoy sex to the fullest. This has really let to frustration among many men. However, there are certain tablets and pills which are known to combat this inability, and provide a sort of relief to affected men. Viagra is one of those pills

Viagra, which is the brand, was first delivered to UK in ‘07.  Only the boots were made to start selling viagra first in Manchester which is in England. Males among a long time of thirty to sixty-five were the eligible ones permitted to shop for the drugs.

The drug’s patent handled by the useful resource of the pill’s enterprise Pfizer got timed out in the year 2013. With this, United Kingdom approved manufacturers and packaging pharmaceutical stores to reproduce and repackage the drug.

The use of viagra inside the United Kingdom has in no way been extra famous with multiple-1/3 completeness of the male populace having impotence. The famous remedy broadly appears because of the breakthrough in alleviating the erectile sickness and it is readily available for usage. Viagra has been known over time to restore potency to men who have in the past had issues with erection on the required level.

Viagra works in such a way they it increases blood flow into the penis during sexual enjoyment thus seriously enhancing and achieving the needed erection. There is a recommended dose of Viagra pills for all patients, this dose can however be slightly reduced or increased, depending on the severity of the case. Increase in required dosage intake must be under the directives of a medical specialist. Viagra can be taken between 1-4 hours before sexual activity.

However, there are some exceptions to the intake of Viagra, these exceptions depend on one’s medical conditions and allergies as well. After the Viagra pills purchase, it is advisable to contact your health provider for the ideal prescription. There are certain adverse consequences such as drowsy feeling, dizzy feeling, unclear vision and the likes, and these effects may be heightened if one takes the with alcohol or other pills.


Kamagra also is used in dealing with sexual erection issue, it is pretty quickly swallowed into the system and it is also pretty effective. Kamagra usually comes in different forms which are soft tabs or jelly mould. These forms are all used for the treatment of penile erection disorders and it is presented in a different packs of fruit flavour. Its active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate and is packed as 100mg. It is a gel like substance taken by liquefying in the mouth. kamagra oral jelly is not an aphrodisiac and works only when a man is sexually excited.

Kamagra oral jelly as well as the capsule form were both introduced by Ajanta Pharma Company in India, but the tablet was first produced. The oral jelly came into play due to the success of the original product which was the tablet form. Though it has its own pharmacological effects on human body, it is no different from the original version of kamagra. It helps to relax the smooth muscles of cavernous bodies of the penis, which leads to increased blood supply to the penis, it does have exactly the same dignity and exactly the same contraindications to which primarily include diseases of chest system and vessels and disease of the liver. However, there is a difference and this difference lies in terms of its consistency. The oral gel is quickly taken up into the bloodstream which is unlike the tablets causing it to have a faster onset span than that of the tablets. The two however look pretty much alike because it helps improve the relaxation of the penile muscles therefore accelerating the blood flow into the male reproductive sexual organ. This enhanced circulation puts one in a position to experience a complete erection only when some sexual stimulant compliments the potency of the medicine.  Also, kamagra oral gel is the mostly accepted as the best option for people who are treated with disgust to the process of swallowing pills.

Kamagra tablet comes in a satchet with four tablets in it. It is usually green coloured in a rhomboid form and it can be gotten anywhere particularly online in the UK. Kamagra oral jelly comes in different taste, as at today, it can be found in pineapple, vanilla, orange, and banana flavors. It is to be taken only after consultation with the doctor especially for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and the disease of the liver. Kamagra oral jelly should not be taken by persons who have not attained the age of 18 years. It should not, in any case, be taken by women. It is advisable to have a pre-consultation with a doctor, which will be able , on the basis of the actual state of your health, determine specifically whether you can take the drug or not. It should be taken thirty minutes or an hour prior to anticipate sexual contact and the effect can last for at least four hours. Fatty foods should be avoided as the effect of the drug will be achieved more slowly because of the gel form and the beginning of the absorption in the oral cavity.

Those who react to medications naturally are advised to consult their Physician, when they want to take in Kamagra, some of these allergies could delay erectile dysfunction. A Kamagra tablet or oral jelly is quite easy to come by in the UK, as it is a well-known brand. The product can either be gotten at a traditional pharmacy store, or online. Over the counter purchase of Kamagra is not advisable, as the wrong amounts of pills could be ingested.

It is highly important that the Medic recommends the needed and required tablets for you although it has been recorded that the effects are close to nothing and due to this fact, it is preferred than many other sexual enhancement medications.

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